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More Leads

Innovative market leading solutions to finding you more new potential clients to grow your business.
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More Leads


Better CRM

You get access to a customised CRM designed for the NZ market that is always being improved to make your life easier.
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Better CRM


Smarter Admin

Industry leading virtual assistant service to help process your cases, manage your admin and look after your clients.
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Smarter Admin


Marketing Cash Grants

Receive amazing Marketing Cash Grants to support the growth of your business and succeed faster.
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Marketing Cash Grants


Training and Support

A team dedicated to helping you learn and grow and being ahead of the industry where ever possible.
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Training and Support


Compliance Support

Newpark helps you keep your finger on the pulse of compliance changes. Let us look after your business.
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Compliance Support


Fire & General

Industry leading agreements with quality Fire & General companies that give you access to the best rates.
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Fire & General


Home Loans

Access to a variety of Home Loan companies to help you process business or support you in your own Mortgage Business
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Home Loans


Group Health & P.I.

Get access to our amazing group health plan and quality P.I. insurance for your business
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Group Health & P.I.

New Zealand’s #1 Team of Insurance Experts

insurance-mortageNew Zealand’s premier financial adviser group for independent business owners. Newpark was formed by successful advisers in 1999 to help other advisers get a fair deal and grow successful businesses with a focus on professional development and client needs.

Newpark does not charge membership fees and delivers free tools like the Electronic Toolbox – designed to take the hassle out of managing your growing business.
Supported by a team of experienced industry professionals, Newpark member advisers are equipped to deliver quality advice to their clients, together with a suite of offerings that meet all their client needs and ensure complete loyalty.

Newpark is your opportunity to meet, mix and learn from some of the top performing financial advisers in New Zealand – it’s experience money just can’t buy.

Have you got what it takes… for a career as a high performing adviser?

You(the adviser)

Growing you, growing your business

  • No Membership Fees
  • No Contracts
  • Group Health Scheme
  • New Adviser Training
  • Managing Agency Forums
  • Study Groups
  • Top Adviser Forums
  • National Conference
  • Sales Training
  • Professional Development Days
  • Business Insurance Forums
  • Travel Insurance
  • Networking with other top advisers

Your Business

Smart activity drives the dream

  • User-friendly Electronic Toolbox CRM
  • Group Negotiated PI Cover
  • Disputes Resolution Scheme (discounted joining fee)
  • Lead Generation Programme
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Competitive Commission Rates
  • Business Planning
  • Compliance Support
  • Full Client Ownership
  • Choice of Providers

Your Clients

Total solutions ensure you client loyalty

Life and Health insurance

  • Personal insurance
  • Group insurance
  • Business risk insurance

Fire and General insurance

  • Domestic insurance
  • Commercial insurance

Home Loans

  • Mortgage aggregation
  • Referral service


Joining Newpark 7 years ago is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Being part of the Newpark family is a refreshing change from the negative, selfish and money driven environment I had come from. The comraderie, the commitment to my success, the help and support I receive from Newpark has exceed my expectations, it is priceless and truly valued. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for us.

Kind Regards
Yvonne Proctor

Newpark has been fantastic for my business with the long-lasting friendships that I have made, the learning and development from the study groups and conferences. The support that has been provided to me over the years has been extremely valuable. Everyone within Newpark is willing and happy to share ideas which has helped my business immensely. I have also enjoyed being part of Newpark for its family feel.

Thanks Darren and the team.
Rohit Ranchhod

My first meeting in joining Newpark many years ago was in Rotorua where over two days there were approximately 30 advisers seated around a meeting room sharing ideas and marketing concepts as to how best improve themselves and their businesses. One of the best things for me now with the membership even at the size it is, that ethos hasn’t changed. With so many benefits introduced over the years coupled with the support encouragement and friendships my business has grown to a level never anticipated. I have so much to be grateful for in life but in business my biggest thanks has to be to Darren and his team at Newpark, I doubt I could have done it without you.

Regards & thank you
Warren Symon

While I was not looking around for a new producer group, I could not help but get a good vibe about Newpark as I was making friends with some Newpark guys during an overseas insurer’s conference. I’ve found Darren, Cheryl and Andries work well together for the best interests of the group. I get the real sense that my success is important to Newpark. Newpark are all about supporting and promoting the independent adviser to being the best they can. They do that with competitions, prospecting partnerships, a generous (merit based) marketing budget and cultivating an ethos that encourages top producers to share their ideas with others in the group. If ever I’ve a challenge, I know that I can call one of my NewPark buddies and they’ll only be too willing to help. For me being part of a close knit team who see themselves as a family is why I enjoy being part of Newpark, as that means everything to me.

Peace be with you,
Paul Burns