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Better CRM

Toolbox is Newpark’s in house CRM for members. But Toolbox is more than just a CRM. Toolbox contains numerous functions to assist in managing your client (not user) base.

Manage your calendar and tasks with Toolbox.

Easily manage your tasks and calendar by linking them to the individual client. Have your appointments automatically show up in your calendar.

Keep your client base well organised and up to date.

Connecting families and businesses gives you an easy overview of your clients. Having all the client information in one place makes it a breeze.

With Toolbox’s extensive search you can produce Mail Merge Lists, Address Labels, or Bulk Email specific groups in your client base.

It is all about saving you more time to spend with your clients and getting the right information to them. By smart search you are able to be in touch with your clients like never before.

Toolbox access includes one-click access to Quotemonster and FREE Q.P.R.

The market leaders in providing quote comparisons, Quotemonster is an industry leading tool. You get free access to the software and can access it with the click of a button.

Manage your clients families, policies, files, notes, and emails. Even generate letters and reports from templates.

It has never been more important to easily have data at your fingertips. The Toolbox will not only help you give your clients a fantastic experience it will help you make sure your compliance needs are met and that client information is easy to access.

Use Newparks built in fact find’s, or define your own to gather client information.

Create a customised fact find that you can enter into to pre-populate your own customised report or use ours. It has never been simpler.

Need help, Toolbox has built in support videos assist you.

The toolbox is filled with simple step by step video training to show you how to manage it or consider using a Newpark Assistant to manage the CRM for you so you can get out and see more clients.

Newpark Mobile App

Our latest innovation is a fantastic mobile App that works on both Android & iPhone. Search for client data, record conversations straight to a client’s file and take photos of ID instantly. Make your day that little bit easier.