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Want to be a Financial Adviser?

Interested in a career in financial advice? For a free no obligation discussion Contact Darren or Cheryl by email or

or call 09 927 4300

“The National Skills Academy for Financial Advisers.”

“Building High-Performing Advisers for the Future.”


  • How to run a successful business
  • How to build a successful client base
  • Compliance and Regulatory obligations
  • Why best practice systems work
  • Building successful third key relationships
  • Work ethic, goals, and dreams
  • Leveraging Support
  • Weekly management and support
  • Lead generation
  • Fun, Camaraderie, and team
  • Recognized qualifications
  • Full electronic best practice system
  • CRM and product rating system supplied
  • Market leading remuneration & client ownership
  • Free course fees


With over 35 years of experience working with financial advisers, we know all the rewards and benefits a career as a financial adviser can bring. The financial services industry is a rewarding, flexible, and lucrative industry that not only provides an invaluable service to thousands of customer s each year, but also one that brings huge rewards and satisfaction to you the advisers.

At the Skills Academy we pride ourselves on helping career minded people build their own business with a strong focus on client needs and service.

Becoming a financial adviser will give you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy a lifestyle away from the 9-5 routine, and earn an income to support that lifestyle while providing an invaluable service to many people in need.

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Applicants must be a New Zealand Resident with a good work ethic, sound financial background, and a strong focus on customer needs.

Or contact Darren or Cheryl by email or

or call 09 927 4300