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About Newpark

Helping advisers rediscover the thrill and the rewards of business since 1999

Originally named Central Sourcing, Newpark launched in 1999 to help get advisers a better deal and build more professional businesses.

Today Newpark is the most established, the most experienced and still the premier adviser network in New Zealand. Those original values of independence, choice and member performance remain unchanged.

Newpark Group supports more than 300 advisers – and the majority of product suppliers – with advice, camaraderie, networking, aggregation, compliance tools, lead generation and professional development.

With industry developments, more competition and the advent of new technology, the importance of productivity and working smarter are becoming increasingly more important compared to benefits such as scale. As a result, Newpark is committed to help advisers increase professional development and build sustainable businesses with long-term value.

Newpark believes that “a good broker is the best insurance you can have” and as such Newpark’s team is here to help support, educate, and keep your skill levels and knowledge base at the forefront of the market. Group development meetings and conferences, to name just two Newpark benefits, are of the highest standard and packed full of information that helps you maintain your business at the highest levels within the industry.

Adviser choice and independence were behind the founding of Newpark and remain the foundation philosophies of the support group. As such, Newpark supports the providers who believe they have to “earn the right to broker support”. Newpark does not support contractual obligations that pay higher commissions for a percentage of an adviser’s business.

At Newpark the advisers are shareholders. In 2009 Newpark sold 20 per cent of the company’s shares to members of the group, and a new Board was formed.

Newpark is a registered Financial Service Provider: FSP 44863

Phone: 09 927 4300