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Andries van Graan

Working with advisers since 1992 when he joined Liberty Life in South Africa, Andries’s track record in the financial and insurance industry is more impressive than his golf handicap – which is saying something.

Qualified with a BA Honours in Political Science and an MBA (business), Andries was Divisional Manager for Liberty Life with a staff of more than 60 people, before moving to New Zealand where he joined AIA as a business development manager. In February 2011 he joined Newpark.

Andries says the “adviser business is a lonely business and constantly challenging”.

“Newpark supports advisers and helps small adviser businesses to actually come up with all the solutions for their clients.

“Competition from banks and other entities puts advisers under pressure. Regulation, cashflow and maintaining independence don’t make life easy either, and that’s where Newpark comes in. Our job is to support advisers to get on top of all that important stuff and build profitable businesses,” says Andries.

At Newpark Andries looks after the Fire & General referral business as well as managing agencies in Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Masterton and Hawkes Bay.

Andries is also well equipped to manage the development of Newpark’s technology platforms, having several previous successes with high-end project management – including the development of a very successful business product offering for AIA in 2009.

Andries is married with two children and when he’s not working or spending quality time with his family, he enjoys golf and photography.

Phone: +64 21 403 217