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Clive Scott

There isn’t much IT Development Manager Clive Scott hasn’t done around computers and technology, from consulting and satellite Internet services to building computers – and he’s been tinkering since the age of 11.

Responsible for adviser businesses on technology solutions, Clive has been key to bringing Newpark’s CRM solution, the Electronic Toolbox, to fruition.

“I love solving problems and finding ways technology can improve business for our advisers,” says Clive. “The Electronic Toolbox, for example, recognises that technology is playing an increasing role in helping advisers towards best practise, including recognising customer needs and designing a package to fit those needs.”

Clive is married and the proud father of a baby girl he describes as a ‘real firecracker’. Outside of work he enjoys quality time with his family, fishing and whatever other projects he can find to keep himself busy.

Phone: +64 21 403 238