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Darren Gannon

All great businesses start when somebody, somewhere, says… ‘there’s got to be a better way’, and Newpark Group is no exception.

Newpark Group started in its current form back in 1999 when successful insurance adviser Darren Gannon realised that, while the rewards of selling insurance are great, it’s a hard business.

“There had to be a better way for insurance advisers to build successful businesses,” says Darren.

“Insurance has tremendous rewards – like helping families when they most need it and also earning a good income, but when we first started Newpark Group advisers weren’t getting a fair shake, and nowhere near the support they needed.

“I wanted to create a company that would stick up for advisers; that would help them make more profit for their hard work and receive the support and training that would enable them to build great businesses.

“You can go to 100 training sessions with trainers who have never sold insurance in their lives, or you can rub shoulders with a million dollar broker and learn more in those five minutes than all the training sessions combined – that was the starting point for Newpark Group,” says Darren.

Originally founded to protect and support advisers who wanted independence and choice while maintaining close ties with the industry and like-minded advisers, Darren believes the game has changed somewhat.

“It used to be you could achieve a lot with scale, but nowadays I believe its more about productivity and support, which is where Newpark Group is heading in the future.”

An insurance adviser since the age of 19, Darren has successfully sold financial products – specifically targeting insurance products – for more than 27 years.

Operating out of Newpark Group’s Albany office, Darren is married to Adele and has three children.

He is a registered Financial Service Provider: FSP 137604

Phone: +64 21 403 216