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Value Offering

One of the few New Zealand insurance and mortgage adviser groups founded and run by brokers who have actually sold insurance and mortgages, Newpark is completely focused on the pro-active support of independent adviser businesses.

Not only did Newpark pioneer the insurance adviser group space, the company’s focus on helping advisers put productivity ahead of scale, and profit ahead of turnover, has ensured year-on-year growth for more than 15 years.

Newpark is not only one of New Zealand’s largest dealer support networks, it is the premier organisation for insurance and advisers who ‘want to fly with eagles’ by meeting and rubbing shoulders with some of the country’s most successful insurance and mortgage business owners.

No membership fees and no contracts because adviser choice comes first

Newpark does not charge membership fees and there is no expectation on insurance and mortgage advisers and business owners to sign any contracts because Newpark believes in adviser choice.

Camaraderie and financial adviser networking

Newpark has a unique culture due to the focus on sharing, mentoring, networking and creating value in the mortgage and the insurance business – it’s a ‘fly with eagles’ mentality that ensures you can learn more in five minutes from other successful colleagues in the financial and insurance industry, than you could in a month of sales training sessions.

More Leads

At Newpark we have defined our value proposition as helping our advisers spend more time infront of qualified prospects. It is how you end up growing your business and helping more people.

We are always looking to get you more appointments using smart lead generation techniques including social media, health and safety, referral programs, door knocking, marketing companies and much much more.

Ask the team how we can help you get more leads as a Newpark Adviser.

Need more leads?

Better CRM

An industry leading insurance CRM that has been designed by advisers for advisers. We have stripped out the complexity while creating a tool that will help you manage your clients with ease while making it easier to stay compliant.

Learn more about the CRM here or request a demo from the team.

Need a great CRM?

Smarter Admin

Advisers can double their business by outsourcing the admin they spend too much time on. Newpark give you access to the Newpark Assistants team where you can add a 20 hour or 40 hour a week virtual assistant to your team to make you more efficient and effective.

This has helped multiple advisers double the current amount of business they are able to complete each year. Imagine doubling your production.

Speak to Cheryl and the team if this could work for you.

Need a New Marketing Tool?

The Newpark Book

The Newpark Book is available now, If you would like to obtain this valuable marketing tool for your business, contact the Newpark Team, and place your order Today!

Need Smarter Admin Support?

Marketing Cash Grants

Advisers need to invest to grow their business.

If clients don’t know you exist it is hard to get new business. Newpark agrees.

In fact we don’t only agree we are stepping up to the plate and offering advisers cash payments to be invested directly into their business because we know the return on investment will be 10 fold.

With levels up to $30,000 the return is obvious. Cashflow is the number one reason advisers businesses fail to get to the level they should.

This is a serious investment because we take your business serious. Speak to us about how this can help specifically for your business.

Need Marketing Cash Grants?

Conference 2016

Newpark Slideshow

Training and Support

We offer a variety of ways to train, support, upskill and maintain knowledge in an ever changing market. A few of them are listed below:

New insurance and mortgage adviser training

New advisers in the financial and insurance industry can get their careers off to a flying start with basic training offered by Newpark.

Newpark’s new adviser training will provide basic business management support, improved sales skills, industry knowledge and a better grasp of processes.

All new adviser training is proudly brought to you free of charge, to find out when the next course is. Contact us below.

Insurance and mortgage adviser study groups

Whether you are an authorised financial adviser (AFA) or working towards it, the purpose of study groups is to create a sharing culture.

Newpark study groups are an opportunity to learn from like-minded advisers and those who have started and grown successful financial businesses in New Zealand – a great way to improve your knowledge and skills.

Other Newpark advisers who are involved in the day to day running of successful businesses is easily the number one way you will grow.

Professional Development Days & National Conferences

The purpose of the development days, and conferences, is to provide support for on-going development of insurance and mortgage brokers, business owners and those starting a small business – to build camaraderie, encourage New Zealand financial adviser networking opportunities and to put fun back into your business.

Get  to grips with issues like tougher underwriting conditions, customer resistance to buying insurance, poor market education in insurance and the rising costs of Life and F&G insurance in New Zealand.

Attending professional development days and conferences also qualifies you for Continuing Professional Development credits (CPD credits).

You will leave our conference feeling inspired, motivated and excited about our industry.

How to join

To learn more about what we can do get in touch with Cheryl below:

Cheryl Grant:

Need Training and Support?

Compliance Support

“A Good Broker is the best insurance your clients can have is the founding principle of Newpark.”

Yes meeting all legal and regulatory requirements is critical but so is having ethical standards that always puts the client’s interest first.

Newpark’s group rates and partnership with companies like IDS mean all members get up to date regulatory training and support.

Concerned about regulation?

Book a meeting with Newpark, phone 09 927 4300. We can help.

Need compliance support?

Fire and General

It can be beneficial as an insurance adviser to help your clients with all types of insurance. Our close relationship with Aon & Tower allows us to provide amazing service, competitive rates and a strong backing for the fire and general side of your business.

Market leading referral fees paid year on year to members will help you build a passive income as well as providing an ongoing service to your clients, while protecting them from competitor attacks.

The Application Form for the Tower Referral Scheme can be downloaded HERE , Once completed please return to Tower so you can start receiving your commissions.

Need all types of Insurance like Fire and General?

Take Care of Your Pet With Cover From Pet-n-Sur

One of our best health allies is a tail wag or purr away. They return us from the brink of tears, join our celebrations and help relieve stress. Our ‘fur babies’ are simply another family member. But how financially prepared are we for a pet medical emergency?
Treatments once reserved for humans are now available for pets. These advancements have a price tag though and with one in three pets requiring unexpected veterinary treatment every 12 months, a large bill is the last thing anyone wants to worry about.
Whether you are looking for affordable Surgical cover or a comprehensive Surgical & Medical plan, Pet-n-Sur has the right option for you and your pets…

Click HERE to Download More Information


Take Care of your Pet with cover from Pet-n-Sur!

Home Loans

Want to write Home Loans? Then speak to us as we have multi options, Including:

  • Newpark Broking Services – administrated by Mortgage Link
  • The Mortgage Supply Company – Administrated by Jenny Campbell
  • Competitive fees
  • CRM
  • Range of providers
  • Training and development
  • Lead generation

Or refer to our specialist Mortgage Broker to receive specialist advice, great service while ring-fencing your client.

Receive 30% referral fee on successful Home Loans.

Refer your client to our specialist Mortgage Broker to receive specialist advice, great service while ring-fencing your client.

Receive 30% referral fee on successful Home Loans.

Find out more

Group Health and P.I.

We look after our own with great packages for both group healthcare, P.I. and dispute resolution.

Subsidised health care plan for advisers

Newpark offers qualifying members subsidised healthcare with pre-existing conditions covered, and members can include family members.

To find out how to qualify, contact Catherine Senior:

Thanks to Partners Life – NZ leading insurance provider all new Newpark members can join our Group Health Plan which includes cover for pre-existing conditions for advisers, spouses and children.

Members have a 30 day window of opportunity to join, so don’t delay.

All advisers who issue $52,000.00 Risk API or more, qualify for the Newpark subsidy.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Newpark offers members a Professional Indemnity insurance package with competitive rates.

PI insurance is a critical part of every adviser’s business, and Newpark endeavours to provide members with the best possible cover available.

To join, contact Newpark on 09 927 4300

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