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The premier support network for insurance and mortgage advisers who want to be the best

One of the few New Zealand insurance and mortgage adviser groups founded and run by brokers who have actually sold insurance and mortgages, Newpark is completely focused on the pro-active support of independent adviser businesses.

Not only did Newpark pioneer the insurance adviser group space, the company’s focus on helping advisers put productivity ahead of scale, and profit ahead of turnover, has ensured year-on-year growth for more than 15 years.

Newpark is not only one of New Zealand’s largest dealer support networks, it is the premier organisation for insurance and advisers who ‘want to fly with eagles’ by meeting and rubbing shoulders with some of the country’s most successful insurance and mortgage business owners.

Marketing Grants

Marketing Grants are available to assist Advisers with their Marketing Costs and are available to those who meet the API goals.

  • $1000 per Month for Advisers with more than $145K of API.
  • $400 per Month for Advisers with more than $90K of API.

(Contact Newpark for Terms and Conditions)

Services include:

  • FREE Access to our Electronic Toolbox (CRM, Reporting, Needs Analysis).
  • FREE Access to Quotemonster and Q.P.R.
  • Sales training from people with real world insurance sales experience
  • Financial Service Providers’ Register information
  • New Zealand insurance top adviser forums
  • Professional Development Days and National Conferences that help you get to grips with issues such as the online insurance direct space, bank insurance, tough underwriting conditions, insurance, mortgage and financial industry compliance… to name just a few.
  • Help to achieve Level 5 Qualification.
  • Assistance with compliance, best practice regulation.
  • Intermediary between Advisers / Suppliers.

Mortgage Adviser support

  • New insurance and mortgage adviser training
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Subsidised healthcare plan for advisers
  • Camaraderie and financial adviser networking
  • No membership fees, no contracts because adviser choice comes first
  • Top insurance adviser forums
  • Professional Development Days & National Conferences
  • Insurance and mortgage adviser study groups
  • Mortgage and insurance sales support

Mortgage and insurance sales support

The Newpark sales team has combined sales experience, earned at the coalface, totalling more than 100 years, and all that experience is focused on helping you grow a better, more productive business.

Contact the Newpark team to book a meeting to discuss how to improve the value of your business.


NewPark01Insurance and mortgage adviser study groups

Whether you are an authorised financial adviser (AFA) or working towards it, the purpose of study groups is to create a sharing culture.

Newpark study groups are an opportunity to learn from like-minded advisers and those who have started and grown successful financial businesses in New Zealand – a great way to improve your knowledge and skills.

How to join

Contact Newpark to arrange for you to join one of the study groups.

Andries van Graan:
Cheryl Grant:

Professional Development Days & National Conferences

The purpose of the development days, and conferences, is to provide support for on-going development of insurance and mortgage brokers, business owners and those starting a small business – to build camaraderie, encourage New Zealand financial adviser networking opportunities and to put fun back into your business.

Get  to grips with issues like tougher underwriting conditions, customer resistance to buying insurance, poor market education in insurance and the rising costs of Life and F&G insurance in New Zealand.

Attending professional development days and conferences also qualifies you for Continuing Professional Development credits (CPD credits).

How to join

If you are a member, watch for your invitation. For more information, contact

Cheryl Grant:

Top Insurance Adviser Forums

Top Adviser Forums are held to reward top achievers, share in each other’s success and to improve your financial, sales and market knowledge and skills in the mortgage and the insurance business.

No membership fees and no contracts because adviser choice comes first

Newpark does not charge membership fees and there is no expectation on insurance and mortgage advisers and business owners to sign any contracts because Newpark believes in adviser choice.

Camaraderie and financial adviser networking

Newpark has a unique culture due to the focus on sharing, mentoring, networking and creating value in the mortgage and the insurance business – it’s a ‘fly with eagles’ mentality that ensures you can learn more in five minutes from other successful colleagues in the financial and insurance industry, than you could in a month of sales training sessions.


Subsidised healthcare plan for advisers

Newpark offers qualifying mortgage and insurance adviser members subsidised healthcare with pre-existing conditions covered, and members can include family members.

To find out how to qualify, contact Catherine Serior:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Newpark offers members a Professional Indemnity insurance package with competitive rates.

PI insurance is a critical part of every adviser’s business, and Newpark endeavours to provide members with the best possible cover available.

To join, contact Newpark on 09 969 3242 or 0508 109 876

New insurance and mortgage adviser training

New insurance and mortgage advisers in the financial and insurance industry can get their finance careers off to a flying start with basic training offered by Newpark.

Newpark’s new adviser training will provide basic business management support, improved sales skills, industry knowledge and a better grasp of processes.

For more information contact:

Andries van Graan:
Cheryl Grant:



Your holiday covered

You spend so much time planning the perfect holiday, it’s important to ensure you have cover for the unexpected. Newpark Financial Services and 1Cover Direct Insurance understand the efforts and financial resources you have pulled together for that perfect holiday, and have joined forces to provide low cost, comprehensive travel insurance for the whole family (and your kids travel free*).

Key items covered:

  • Overseas emergency medical help from Allianz Assistance
  • Overseas medical hospital
  • Accidental death or permanent disability
  • Personal liability
  • Cancellation fees & loss deposits
  • Luggage & personal effects
  • Travel documents, credit cards & theft of cash
  • Rental vehicle excess and more

Visit the 1Cover website for a no-obligation quote or to book now.

*Children and grandchildren are covered free when they travel with an adult member of their family. This insurance is underwritten by Allianz New Zealand Limited (Allianz). Because we don’t know your financial needs, we can’t advise if this insurance will suit you. You should consider your needs and read the Policy Wording before making a decision to buy insurance. To download a copy of the Policy Wording, please visit our website