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This is how Newpark can help you become one of New Zealand’s top advisers…

Whether staring a new business in New Zealand, buying a small business or growing your existing finance, insurance or mortgage business, your company is your biggest asset.

The Newpark team, systems and services are dedicated to helping you build a profitable, productive and high value business.

Newpark offers a suite of business development and growth tools that ensure your business isn’t just high turnover, but that it’s profitable, smart and an investment for the future.

Newpark’s New Zealand developed financial and insurance industry sales, development and systems tools include:

  • FREE Access to our Electronic Toolbox (CRM, Reporting, Needs Analysis).
  • FREE Acccess to Quotemonster and Q.P.R.
  • The Newpark Electronic Toolbox is a fully compliant process, which means no more compliance headaches
  • Insurance and mortgage adviser telemarketing service (optional, small fee applies)
  • Financial and insurance industry sales leads generating programme (optional, small fee applies)
  • Insurance and financial industry business planning
  • No strings attached membership – your retain ownership of your clients

Up the tempo on adviser productivity with Newpark’s Electronic Toolbox

To help advisers work smarter, not harder, Newpark has developed a sophisticated new CRM system called the Electronic Toolbox designed to help insurance and mortgage brokers throughout New Zealand develop successful businesses.

  • Take care of all the compliance details
  • CRM system with a high level of simplicity
  • Enhanced ability for advisers to do more business
  • High quality reports for adviser clients
  • Manages just about everything
  • FREE Quote-Monster Access with FREE Q.P.R

The new Electronic Toolbox will provide members with a functional CRM complete with integrated reporting and quotation tools and – best of all – it is free to members.

Designed from the ground up and after considerable investment, the Newpark Electronic Toolbox will continue to develop and evolve to the changing needs of the industry.

Technology is playing a growing part in daily life. With the Electronic Toolbox you harness the best it has to offer.

For more information contact Clive Scott:

Telemarketing service

Newpark has contracted a reputable and professional telemarketing service to provide you with the opportunity to carry out marketing campaigns with your existing client base.

For more information contact Cheryl Grant:

Sales leads generation programme for mortgage and insurance advisers

  • Improve your productivity
  • Appointments = income
  • Build your client base as an asset
  • Create good quality referral opportunities

Newpark has contracted a professional marketing company to generate insurance leads at affordable prices for financial and insurance industry members.

To find out how to get involved, contact Andries van

Marketing campaign support

Every financial and insurance adviser’s business is different and you will require your own unique marketing strategies, but effective marketing relies on being up with the play in terms of customer behaviour, new technology and changing trends.

The Newpark team supports advisers with:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing concepts
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Templates
  • Measurement

For support with your next marketing campaign contact one of the Newpark experienced senior business managers:

Andries van Graan:

Insurance and financial industry business planning

A financial and insurance industry business comes with its own set of unique challenges and rewards, but everybody can learn from what’s been done before, as well as what’s new.

Newpark enables you to work with the people who have been there before and who are still on the coalface of the insurance and mortgage broker business.

  • Do you want to grow your business?
  • Do you have a business plan?
  • Do you struggle to implement your plan?
  • Have you run out of ideas to improve your business?

If you need help with any of these questions then you need to talk to the Newpark team.

Up to your eyeballs in financial industry compliance? Let Newpark help

The New Zealand insurance industry has entered into a new era with regulations, accreditations and a rigorous compliance regime in place to ensure a high standard of advice.

It is important for your business and your clients that you are up with the play on compliance and regulation.

Newpark supports these standards and is committed to constantly communicating, educating and up-skilling financial, mortgage and insurance advisers to ensure a high level of competency.

No strings attached membership – your retain ownership of your clients

You own your clients – it’s your hard work, your asset.

Newpark is here to support you in growing and supporting your business asset by providing a framework to improve your business, but – as always – Newpark exists to protect adviser choice and independence.

With Newpark it’s your choice what services and support you use in your business.

I just wanted to say I’m really excited about the level and diversity of support that Newpark are giving us.  The simplicity and reliability of the CRM is a major breakthrough. I’d have to say it is the best I’ve had anything to do with in my time in this industry.  Our business is all about sales and I am really enjoying the latest production competition and the marketing grants. A special thanks to you and your team for working so hard for our success


Tom Somerville.