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How to help people, make great money and become a stellar adviser…

Whether you want to start a business or join an insurance company here in New Zealand, the job opportunities for graduates and sales career orientated people are huge.

Money cannot undo damage, but it can help people cope. For most insurance advisers, the ability to be there for a family when they most need it makes the job all worthwhile.

If helping people and enjoying generous financial rewards sounds like a career for you, Newpark would like to talk to you about a career in the financial and insurance industry.

Newpark is actively looking to recruit new blood in to the mortgage and insurance industry and is keen to work with self-motivated, professional and entrepreneurial-minded people looking for a long-term career in finance, and who want to start and build their own small business over time.

Newpark services include:
  • Career support and advice
  • New adviser training
  • Placement
  • Coaching and mentoring

Whether helping a home buyer into their first home with a mortgage or arranging an insurance pay-out, there are few careers more rewarding than the mortgage and insurance advice industry.

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